Three essential parts of every call centre call flow step.

By 30th May 2018 Dec 13th, 2018 CX Solutions
Three essential parts of every call centre call flow step.

Three essential parts of every call centre call flow step.

With rich experience in call centre call flow design, Game On knows that designing a call flow is about so much more than just handing agents a script.

Game On offers rich experience in Call Centre Call Flow design and implementation. Our team of experts have assisted companies like Multichoice, WNS and Standard Bank in designing call flows and embedding new call flows with large teams of agents.

When designing call flow steps, we focus on the progress the customer and the organisation is trying to make and the job that needs to be done to make that progress. Each job is considered in relationship to the customer needs and the CX or customer experience required. As such, our call flow steps contain the goal that the organisation is trying to achieve and the experience that the step should create for the customer.

Agents are not only trained on the seamless execution of the call flow steps, but the deeper meaning behind each step, as outlined in the goal and experience. With the goal firmly outlined and front of mind, the agent is aware of what should be accomplished in each step and can manage their conversation accordingly. The required customer experience provides the agent with context outlining how customers should be experiencing this step, helping them to guide a connected conversation that elicits the required experiential response.

Designing call centre call flow steps is easy. Aligning thousands of agents to following the steps during real time, dynamic conversations is more complex. Providing an agent with a script to follow will set them up for failure, as conversations rarely follow predictable pathways. Giving agents an understanding of the goal and experience related to each step allows them to have a connected conversation, human to human, responding to the customer’s narrative whilst achieving the goal set and evoking the experience required.

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