The new global organizational performance trend

joint intelligence

Joint Intelligence: The new global organizational performance trend

Recent research done in organisations across Europe reveal that top-performing organisations that are excelling in employee engagement, employee development and innovation have one thing in common: Joint Intelligence.

Joint Intelligence is the term that Peter Totterdill and his research team assigned to the collaborative, social learning environment which ensues when all organizational stakeholders (including suppliers, consultants, service providers and customers) are engaged in a long-term partnership that yields interactive networks and continuous learning and improvement.

The long-term partnership between stakeholders is the central concept on which Joint Intelligence hinges. Instead of seeing consultants or service providers as a once-off “knock and drop” contributor, Joint Intelligence suggests that there are significant benefits associated with drawing these stakeholders into the working environment for a longer period of time, drawing on their knowledge and expertise to develop employee skills and innovative thinking.

Joint Intelligence fits well with Peter Senge’s Learning Organisation theory. Senge held that collaborative partnerships and systems thinking were key elements in building a learning organisation. Indeed, European organisations that live by Joint Intelligence have created a culture of learning with ongoing dialogue, knowledge-sharing, collaborative thinking and co-creation of innovative solutions.

At Game On we have always valued long-term partnerships with our clients and we can attest to the positive benefits of Joint Intelligence. As we walk alongside our clients during the performance improvement and transformation journey, we can contribute to reflective conversations, knowledge-sharing sessions and innovative think-tanks. We can work with clients to discover, share, adapt and respond to the many questions and challenges that arise during the journey.

Joint Intelligence reminds us that we achieve more together in the long run than we would have alone. It’s the way the best organisations in Europe get performance results. It’s also the Game On way.

Source: Totterdill, P. (2015). Closing the gap: The fifth element and workplace innovation. European Journal of Workplace Innovation1(1).

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