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Sustained performance at the end of the year

As the year draws to a close, many of us are experiencing the common phenomenon that is year-end fatigue. Managers and employees alike are feeling overwhelmed, and team performance can suffer as people lose motivation to meet deadlines in the rush to wrap things up for the year. Family and holiday arrangements with all the uncertainty and stress the pandemic has brought to travel arrangements and the safety of our loved ones, also add to the pressure, leaving people feeling both mentally and physically drained.

Symptoms of year-end fatigue include, but aren’t limited to forgetfulness, boredom, tiredness, anxiety, and depression. Simply ignoring these symptoms won’t make them go away. Failure to address year-end fatigue can result in further health problems like burnout.

So, how do you ensure sustained performance for yourself and your team during this period?

Debrief: Start a conversation about year-end fatigue. Let your team share what they are experiencing. Shatter the belief that you need to work until you break.

Do less: Avoid the trap of trying to do a million unimportant things and focus on the things that are really important. The things that will measurably impact your performance this year or set you and your team up to be more effective next year.

Get out: Vitamin D is essential to beating fatigue. Get out in the sun if you can, or supplement with Vitamin D tablets.

Take breaks: Keep team performance high by ensuring sufficient breaks are being taken. Don’t skip lunch or tea breaks. Having a few minutes to regroup will improve energy levels and focus.

Exercise: Exercise is a great way to relieve stress. Get up and go for walks, do short HIIT sessions, or have a good stretch when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Encourage this amongst your team too.

Eat good food: It’s easy to fall into bad eating habits when you’re experiencing year-end fatigue. Don’t skip meals, and be sure to nourish your body with healthy, balanced meals.

The final push of the year doesn’t need to be a difficult one. Support your team by having regular check-ins, and sharing the workload where possible. Encourage collaboration and support the notion that you will get through this together.




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