Standard Bank WoW Transformation Journey

By 19th Mar 2018 Dec 13th, 2018 CX Solutions

Standard Bank WoW Transformation Journey

Inge-Marie Hilligan, Head of Strategy and Change for Standard Bank Credit Rehabilitation and Recoveries, shared learnings from their WoW Transformation Journey in partnership with Game On Performance Solutions.

Standard Bank’s CRR division set out to change their Way of Work with the WoW Transformation Journey. In line with the bank’s strategy, customers should experience their interactions with CRR’s call centre agents as connected, supportive and empowering. The CX goal was to improve the quality of conversations with customers.

Through a partnership with Game On Performance Solutions, an Agent Learning Journey was designed. Agents underwent classroom learning that taught them the new customer-centric call flow steps and how to use meta skills like connecting, challenging and coaching to lift the customer out of their drama triangle and into an adult conversational space. In this space the agent and customer co-create solutions, with the customer taking accountability.

It wasn’t just about changing a script – agents needed to learn how to change their conversations. As such, agents practiced their new skills in a simulated call centre environment and applied them on the job with experiential learning, supported by leadership coaching.

As leaders became competent hands-on coaches through a Leader as Coach Learning journey, conversations between people changed. Leaders were applying meta skills to coaching, resulting in more structured, connected and performance-focused coaching conversations. Employee Experience (EX) improved, showing a direct positive impact on CX.

Experiential learning was a game changer. Agents and leaders were supported as they applied their new skills at work. Observations, feedback and coaching sessions that address development areas ensured continuous improvement.

According to Inge-Marie Hilligan, the biggest lesson they learnt during the WoW Transformation Journey was how to be change-ready and agile in responding to the ever-evolving needs of customers. They have become future-fit.

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