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Gary Segal tells the story of Game On's purpose, approach and way of work.

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What we do and why it matters
Leader as Value Creator Journey
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We take organisations and their leaders on a performance improvement journey that encourages decisive action, improved interaction, and team discipline for sustainable business performance. What we do helps leaders to change themselves, their teams, and their organisations into creative, engaged, and disciplined contributors of sustainable value.

Leader as Value Creator.

The leader as value creator journey is an approximately year-long performance improvement journey that we co-create with our clients. It centers around improvement of key performance areas which are chosen by each leader. The journey helps them build more creative ways of thinking around the value that they’re trying to create within the business, and the inevitable struggles that they’ll encounter in creating that value. Throughout the journey, leaders will learn new ways to approach issues and how to problem-solve sustainably. We facilitate learning with group action workshops, application-based assignments, and regular one-on-one leadership performance coaching sessions with our experienced Game On Performance coaches.

By the end of the journey, leaders are able to:

  • Master their emotions to thank and interact more productively
  • Encourage teams to take risks and be more innovative
  • Create value through customer-focused thinking and
  • Build empowered, self-sufficient teams

To track and assess the leadership competence against the journey outcomes, we have implemented a series of 360 leadership evaluations which provide insights on how people experience safety, belonging, pride and purpose through their leadership.