In the moment coaching – right now, right here, right on

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In the moment coaching

In the moment coaching – right now, right here, right on.

Not all coaching needs to happen formally and off the field. Sometimes you need to coach in the moment. Our In The Moment Coaching innovation allows coaches to act right now, right here and right on point.

With the Soccer World Cup in full swing we’ve all seen coaches pull players aside for a few seconds and talk earnestly into their ear before releasing them back onto the field. What are they doing? We believe it’s the sporting version of Game On’s In the Moment Coaching initiative.

Coaching doesn’t always have to follow a formal pathway. At times you need to pull your player aside, give some quick feedback and coaching and let them return to their jobs poste haste. It’s brief, on the move, on the floor and on point.

In the moment coaching sees coaches in the workplace providing regular coaching to their players without removing the players from the game. We teach our coaches to conduct brief in the moment coaching sessions as follows:

  • What – What’s working well
  • Performance Gap – What’s the performance gap or area for improvement
  • Performance Gap Cause – What’re the obstacles causing this performance gap
  • What can be done – How can we overcome the obstacles
  • Practice drills – What to do to embed this skill

The coaching conversation can be executed in minutes, following a dialogue such as:

You’re well on track with achieving your call target for the day. Well done. You’ve really supported the team by handling well over 50% of your target by lunch time.
You’re spending too much time on each call which is going to make it difficult to reach your target given your close rate.
When I listen to your calls, I hear the customer controlling the conversation quite often because you aren’t well enough prepared to deal with the common objections we get. I want you to take 30 minutes to use your objection cards to practice your responses to our top 10 objections before your shift. You’ll know you’re ready when it takes less than a second to think of the acknowledgment when you’ve picked a card at random.
Ok? Go.

Brief. In the moment. On the job. And on point. That’s the Game On way.

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