Game On teams up with Thomas International

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thomas international

Game On teams up with psychometric assessment experts Thomas International

Assessments from Thomas International provide analytics and insights about people’s personality, aptitude and emotional intelligence. Their wide range of psychometric, cognitive and emotional tests have a strong occupational focus, providing insights about a wide range of professional matters ranging from high potential talent identification to leadership skills.

Game On’s performance-focused coaching methodology relies on observations of behaviour in the workplace, which identifies performance gaps that can addressed through coaching. Insights from Thomas International assessments such as the HPTI (High Performance Trait Indicator) and TEQI (Emotional Intelligence) can deepen insights and enable a richer coaching experience.

Game On CEO Gary Segal is excited about teaming up with Thomas International. “Their assessments are reputable and best of breed. We will be using these assessments as part of future learning journeys, either to identify aptitude and suitability for development programmes, or to lend rich insights into the personality and behaviour of individuals that we are coaching to peak performance.”

Game On’s partnership with Thomas International adds value to the performance solutions offered to our clients.

Find out more about Thomas International’s wide range of psychometric assessments here:

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