Game On Leader as Coach journey

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game on leader as coach journey

The Game On Leader as Coach Journey

The Game On Leader as Coach journey contains a Knowledge and Ability phase, all supported by the expert Game On coaches in the workplace.

Game On started out as “Game On Coaching”. Our people are all coaches at heart, inspired by developing coaching competencies in leaders.

The Game On Leader as Coach journey sees leaders undergo a knowledge phase and ability phase. In the knowledge phase leaders attend three modular workshops which provide them with the foundational knowledge required for coaching. These are:

Module 1 – The Performance Formula

What is performance? How does Ability, Willingness, Empowerment and Interference impact performance?

Module 2 – Meta Skills

How to apply the coaching meta skills of Understanding, Directing, Developing, Challenging, Creating and Collaborating to coaching conversations.

Module 3 – Coaching Conversations

How to follow the GROW coaching model the Game On way, with what we call CATGROW.

Each module sees the leader submitting a workplace assignment which embeds the application of the learning points in the workplace.

Leaders are then supported in the workplace with a 12-week Ability phase. During these 12 weeks Game On coaches observe their coaching sessions, provide feedback and coach leaders to improve their coaching performance. At the end of the 12-week period, leaders undergo a formal Coaching Competency Assessment. Game On coaches observe and evaluate the leader’s ability to conduct a coaching conversation against the Coaching Meta Skills Game Plan. Leaders who achieve competence in overall rating and meta skill application are rated competent Leaders as Coaches. Leaders are supported during their coaching ability phase with bi-weekly Coaching Masterclasses, a group activity which explores deeper coaching skills and provides the opportunity to share experiences and learning.

Game On’s Leader as Coach journey is enabled and driven by our expert coaches, who immerse themselves in the workplace of the leaders and provide ongoing support, feedback and wisdom as leaders embark on the delicate transition from leader to leader as coach.

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