Designing the Game On way

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Designing the Game On way

Designing the Game On way

We design for performance. First, we dream. Then we prototype and obtain unusually high levels of customer feedback. And we know the design job is never done. That’s designing… the Game On way.

At Game On we design for performance and coach for transformation. The concept of design is central to our offering, our approach and our outlook on people performance solutions. Driven by creativity and curiosity, we work with our clients to evoke a state of dreaming that uncovers what could be, inviting the genius of every person into the innovative process.

Our approach to design can be summarised in four points:

  1. Let’s dream

    We are curious to know what it is that our clients would like to achieve at the very simplest level. We engage and create a space where ideas and dreams are free-flowing ignitors of new visions and goals. Designing is less rigid process and more open, free, dreaming conceptualization. If we know what the dream is, as well as the simplest level of functionality, experience and feeling required in manifesting that dream, we can go into detailed design.

  2. Pro prototyping

    From the dreaming process, we decompose the whole into the parts or steps that must come together for the dream to be realised. Each part or step has its own goal and associated experience, which forms part of and contributes to the whole. Doodles and dreams are then turned into a prototype, typically a high level first stab at solving a problem. Sketches and scratches turn into a version one prototype, which is presented to client and tested in the environment.

  3. Unusually high customer feedback

    We pride ourselves in the fact that we invite unusually high levels of customer feedback. We test every prototype multiple times in diverse settings, encouraging our trained coaches and performance consultants to ask the right questions at the right time, ensuring optimal feedback from our customers. We listen to understand, a skill we learnt as coaches. We analyse and collate client feedback and then use this feedback to improve the design of our performance solutions.

  4. It’s never done

    Whilst we attempt to package and project plan our performance solutions, we firmly believe that no intervention or process is ever going to be executed the way we planned it from start to finish. We have made peace with the fact that the design job is never done, and that we need to be alert to signs that indicate that further improvement or adaptations are required.

Standard Bank Credit Rehabilitation and Recoveries’ Inge-Marie Hilligan states that we are “a reliable transformation partner, at the client’s side all the time, agile and ready to change or improve the offering as and when required”.

We design for performance by dreaming, prototyping and inviting unusually high levels of customer feedback. With a design job that’s never done our design hat is always on and we remain ready to take up our trade tools of blank pages and pencils at any moment.

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