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Creating good habits for great performance.

By Oct 27, 2021No Comments

What drives great leadership? At Game On we believe that developing and practicing good daily habits will assist you in becoming the leader that your team – and your company – needs. By consistently doing things that are good for you and your team, you lay the foundation for sustained performance.  Building and conditioning muscle by focusing on what’s important rather than what’s urgent.  Paradoxically focusing on sustained performance gets you and your team over the short term hurdles with much less effort, drama and stress.

So, what do good habits do? They help you perform in a disciplined, orderly, and fundamentally human manner. They’re the habits that change your behaviour from reactive to proactive. They teach you to be mindful about all your actions – in and out of the workplace. They’re ones that can help you create a plan that you can then stick to; that help you work in collaboration with your team instead of taking everything on and trying to piece it together when things fall apart. They’re the habits that create the rhythm that helps you work together. Cultivating good, healthy habits allows leaders to access their flow state – being in the moment, in the rhythm – more readily.

What matters most are the simple habits; the rhythm of connecting with your team daily; the blocking out of your diary for catch up sessions to explore what’s working and what’s not. Creating and protecting the time and space for you to listen to what’s unfolding in response to your team’s pursuit of the things that matter. Cultivating these kinds of habits will promote collaboration, encourage your team to share their own insights, and limit the unmanaged chaos that ensues when a team reactively responds to the challenges and distractions of its environment by working as a group of disconnected individuals.

Great leaders give their team a voice, leading to increased employee engagement, which in turn produces a healthy company culture. Employees – and their leaders – thrive within a healthy culture; they are more engaged and motivated, and will consistently bring more to the table than they are required to.

At Game On, we follow a clear methodology supported by expert coaching that, at the end of your 12-month experience, the habits you have developed are so deeply ingrained that it’s second nature to you to be a human-centric leader that performs at the highest level, with less effort and more enjoyment.

Leadership is a doing game. It’s using your inner game to influence your outer ones. It’s about holistic habits, plain and simple.

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