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Executive Coaching, Training Exercises for Leadership and Groups

Game On Performance Solutions grew out of Game On Coaching which was started in 2010 in an effort to coach call centre agents on how to engage more effectively with customers. When looking at the available coaching methodologies, we found that executive coaching was not suited to that environment.

We looked into sports coaching and realised that it is a rich world of practice in helping players to perform in real time. If we could bring some of the science and best practice from the world of sport into business, and we could make some huge leaps in performance.

We then started coaching exercises for leadership development and found that if leaders could support their teams, they’d have the winning formula. When leaders know what the game looks like, and how they can coach that game, success is inevitable.

Executive Coaching, Training Exercises for Leadership and Groups

Game On Coaching then became Game On Performance Solutions and now focuses solely on corporate performance.

Our purpose is to help leaders transform themselves, their teams, and organisations into healthy, vibrant contributors to the communities they live in. Transformation isn’t easy, which is why we put so much into providing leaders with a safe space, the structure, and the coaching support so that they can be completely honest with themselves about who they are, how they lead, and the value they create.